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Dignified Home Loans, LLC propels change and builds innovation with Insights


Trustworthy data in seconds

While experiencing an impressive growth rate, Dignified Home Loans strives to shore up any weaknesses and find areas for improvement as they move forward. They rely on solid data to inform important decisions to keep up the pace. Dignified captures and analyzes trustworthy data through Insights™ by ICE Mortgage Technology®, focusing on industry benchmarking. Knowledge is power, after all, and knowing what they’re up against helps Dignified identify what their solutions need to be. In less than 6 months after incorporating Insights into their data processing, Dignified brought turn-times down by 15 days and turned processes that used to take the team hours into tasks that can be completed in seconds.

The challenge

The way Dignified Home Loans pulled data was time-consuming and inefficient. As they continued to grow, they had a difficult time getting the benchmark data they needed.

The solution

Insights gave Dignified the ability to benchmark against other lenders. They were able to maximize their data and save time with a standardized reporting strategy.

“This has always been a competitive industry and we value our sales force. We want to know how well we’re doing and we want to know where there’s room for improvement.”

Alan Wong
SVP of Application Technologies & Analytics at Dignified Home Loans, LLC

Benefits and results

Leveraging data as a single source of truth

When data and analytics go from time-consuming and inefficient to easy and intuitive, everything changes.


Decrease in turn-times


Accelerated turn-times


To stay competitive

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