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ValueLink saves lenders time and money with automated appraisal processing



Faster than ever

ValueLink Software is an ICE Mortgage Technology® Partner that offers an appraisal management system. They have been working with ICE Mortgage Technology customer Vandyk Mortgage to help them significantly improve the efficiency of their valuation process. This has enabled them to close more loans at a faster pace than ever before.

By automating the appraisal process from order assignment to report, turn times were reduced by more than 15%. Automation also sped up processes and eliminated errors in review tools, field mapping, and appraisal delivery. Built-in data analytics tools made it easier to look closely at order data and make faster decisions.

ValueLink also enabled Vandyk to expand their vendor panel by connecting them to over 40,000 appraisers across the nation.

2022 ICE Lenders' Choice Award Winner

ValueLink won the 2022 ICE Lenders' Choice Award for suporting ICE Mortgage Technology customers as they work to automate processes and increase efficiency. The ValueLink team worked very closely with the VanDyk Mortgage team throughout the adoption process and the collaborative effort resulted in the implementation being completed in record time. They were available to train the users, help eliminate bottlenecks, and address any issues that came up during and after the implementation. As a result, VanDyk Mortgage became one of the first ValueLink customers to order appraisals using Encompass Partner Connect™.

The challenge

Provide visibility and efficiency to the loan officer, borrower, and processing team with a compliant appraisal process.

The solution

Build a custom Partner Connect API integration that automates the appraisal process from order placement, all the way to report completion.

"Lenders should explore and make use of the newest technology. Whether it's appraisals, or other technology components, dissect each and every milestone and process in your loan cycle and see where you can bring more efficiencies. This will help the borrowers that we all serve at the end of the day."

Aqil Ahmed
SVP, Operations, ValueLink Software

Benefits and results

Future-proof through automation

Automated appraisal management saves lenders time and money, while providing more visibility into their team.

25% - 35%

Shorter turn times


Less clicks in the appraisal process


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