Defensible audit trails automatically

Every communication and action you take within Simplifile is logged so you always have proof for every transaction. It can be a heart-stopping moment. Whether you’re being audited for compliance or you have a client who’s insisting they never received a document, it’s important to have a detailed report of every action taken during a transaction to protect your business.

We designed Simplifile with audit trails at the core

In fact, using Simplifile from the beginning of the loan closing process through final recording ensures the most complete reporting. Your Simplifile account has a record of every upload, edit, change to fees, conversations at the fee and document level, signature, and more.

That way, when you get a call asking why something changed, you’ll know all your information is securely in one place. You’ll never go back to unreliable back-and-forth e-mails, phone calls, and sticky notes again.

“We wanted to offer a more convenient, secure option for people to submit their documents to the county, and Simplifile has helped us achieve that.”

Angie Pohlmeier
Deputy Register of Deeds
Cass County, NE