Your portal to faster digital mortgage innovation

As the portal to the ICE Mortgage Technology Platform, Encompass Developer Connect™ offers a wealth of tools and resources you can use to develop and deliver innovative solutions that streamline business operations and help you rise above the competition. Get access to:

Application programming interfaces (APIs)

Easily customize and extend Encompass' capabilities and integrate external data and solutions.

API playground

Test drive our APIs and explore new capabilities.

Developer dashboard

Get important insight into how you're optimizing the ICE Mortgage Technology Platform

Interactive documentation

Find what you need quickly, without navigating through multiple pages.

Developer resources

Get a good head start with user guides, use cases, sample code, and snippets.

Developer community

Connect with innovators from across the mortgage industry to glean insights and expand your network and expertise.

Unlock innovation and expand your company’s competitive advantage

  • Easily build, integrate and extend Encompass® to your business needs
  • Quickly deliver new capabilities to your customers, partners and employees
  • Reduce costs and the time needed to bring solutions to market
  • Engage with developers from across the ICE Mortgage Technology customer base and partner ecosystem
  • Integrate other systems and data
  • Build and deploy custom applications in the cloud

Encompass Developer Certification

Get certified, and set yourself apart. Classes are available across the country.
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Connecting you to mortgage innovation

Encompass Developer Connect is built on our ICE Mortgage Technology Platform so you can leverage APIs to build, integrate, and extend new functions and bring solutions to your customers faster.
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Leverage mortgage-focused APIs

How could you innovate using the current APIs available through Encompass Developer Connect and the ICE Mortgage Technology Platform? Here are some ideas:


Create or delete loans; more easily manage loan data fields and values; read, write and update field values on a single loan or multiple loans at the same time; search for loans using specific fields; view your loan pipeline.


Upload and download documents; update document properties; Enables users to upload/download documents, easily attach, assign, or reassign files to specific documents.


Give users the power to access and update borrower and business contact information in the Encompass database.

Custom Data Objects

Allow users to create, store, and manage data that does not have a standard field or custom field associated with it in Encompass. Supports loan, user and global-level custom data objects.


Get notified when specific loan events occur in Encompass.


Give users the ability to order and retrieve reports from credit, electronic verification, appraisal, underwriting, and other service providers.