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Over the past couple of years, we’ve been navigating a volatile market, taking on change and investing in innovation at a rapid pace. Our shared mission to make the American Dream of homeownership a reality for people in any market is inspiring, and ICE Mortgage Technology® has been resolute in our efforts to deliver a truly end-to-end digital mortgage. Automation is consistently the solution for scaling to meet the next wave of volume, and we’ve been making great strides in advancing our products to deliver mortgage automation capabilities that provide big ROI for our customers.

Here are three key areas, in addition to many others, that we’re continuing to invest in to advance our customers’ entire mortgage workflow so they’re ready when the market shifts:

  • Operational efficiency and scalability:

    Budgets, time and resources vary, so we work diligently to empower all of our customers to achieve success with the resources and infrastructure they already have in place. At the same time, we also provide them with tools to scale with market fluctuations and deliver solutions to automate slow business processes so they're always moving forward.
  • Reduced risk:

    Mortgage automation can free up your team’s ability to focus on the more complex issues efficiently, without spending all their time on manual and repetitive tasks. It also gives your team confidence in loan quality by reducing errors and speeding up review time, particularly in the underwriting stage. With the ICE Mortgage Analyzers, you can efficiently extract data from loan documents and consistently speed up processes without sacrificing accuracy.
  • Better borrower experience:

    Today’s borrowers want a fast, streamlined experience with digital tools and a strong human connection, and we can help you provide the best of both. By leveraging mortgage automation solutions from ICE, our customers are able to streamline their entire mortgage workflow, free up their teams’ time, and invest in borrower communication strategies to create borrowers for life.

It’s exciting to see our teams cross-collaborate so quickly with our customers on a common goal of solving problems and providing the best ROI possible. For instance, Mann Mortgage has experienced a 30% lift in underwriting as a direct result of ICE Data & Document Automation. They’ve been able to eliminate stare-and-compare document verification and time-consuming errors. With the ICE Mortgage Analyzers, they’ve streamlined both the application and underwriting process, while eliminating eFolder redundancy. When our customers tell us they are saving time and improving accuracy with our technology, this just reaffirms that our priorities are in the right place.

It has been thrilling to lead our incredible team and see them rise to meet new challenges, support our customers’ growing needs and support each other along the way. Stay tuned for more exciting news on what's next in terms of mortgage automation.Even though a lot has happened in 24 months, and there has been a steady stream of change, hard work and learning together, we’re not taking our foot off the gas. There is much more to come, and we know that the ability to scale across all aspects of our business is key to succeeding today and, in the future, for us and our customers. This mindset is what has fueled the refinement of our mortgage automation solutions, advanced Encompass® functionality and improved technical scalability for the industry.

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