Delta Community Credit Union unlocks new efficiencies with the ICE Mortgage Analyzers


To stay competitive in today’s mortgage market, it comes down to investing in new ways to achieve faster turn times, reduce costs, drive business growth and improve the borrower experience. As a longtime Encompass® customer, Georgia’s largest credit union, Delta Community Credit Union, embarked on a journey a few years ago to enhance operational efficiency across their 32 branch locations. Renowned for providing superior service and value to their members, Delta Community wanted a solution to elevate their mortgage operations and further increase member satisfaction. “We were looking for a product that would help streamline our loan processes and gain efficiencies within our Residential Lending Department, and ICE offered us what we were looking for,” said Kathy Weber, VP of Residential Lending at Delta Community Credit Union.

Delta Community partnered with ICE Mortgage Technology® to explore how they could extend their existing technology stack and loan origination workflow to improve and accelerate loan processing, optimize the capacity of their existing resources and create a more uniform underwriting process. That’s when they were introduced to the ICE Mortgage Analyzers and ICE Data & Document Automation. These best-of-breed automation solutions take the guesswork out of calculation processes so Delta Community’s staff could do their jobs faster and provide a more consistent processing experience.

They started rolling out the Analyzers gradually to ensure a smooth adoption process and address team hesitancy. There was a learning curve in the beginning, but with regularly scheduled meetings and knowledge shares (pre and post implementation), their underwriting team soon recognized the value of the solution. Within several months, they achieved significant results including enhanced efficiency, increased loan quality and improved scalability. In fact, Delta Community was able to reduce their loan processing to final approval turn time by 5 days. Dawana Manning, Delta Community Credit Union’s AVP of Loan Fulfillment shared, “Our team has accomplished quicker turn times and consistency. We’ve reduced the time an underwriter and processor may spend on a loan. This has helped us gain a competitive edge and improve the customer experience.”

After Delta Community successfully implemented the Analyzers and ICE Data & Document Automation, their loans originated and processed with increased accuracy and fewer inquiries to the borrower, resulting in a better member experience and enhanced staff optimization. By embracing innovation and change, they set a new standard for efficiency, loan quality and operational scalability in the mortgage financial industry, while also positioning themselves as a forward-thinking institution – ready to tackle the challenges of an ever-evolving market landscape.

Explore how the ICE Mortgage Analyzers and ICE Data & Document Automation can further transform your Encompass workflow into a seamless, automated experience. Connect with our team of experts today to discover how these cutting-edge solutions are designed to help you streamline operations, save time and scale your business.

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