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3 signs you need an Encompass Software Health Check


There is a reason annual health checks are recommended for people, cars, mechanical systems, computer systems and loan origination software. A lot can change in a year, let alone the course of a few years and an Encompass® Health Check is a prime opportunity to analyze what workflows are performing well, what areas need improvement and to receive recommendations for optimization to ensure the fastest, most compliant loan manufacturing process for your business. Now is the time to take advantage of current market conditions to evaluate your business needs and processes so that you are in fighting shape for the next industry head wind.

Your organization can benefit from an Encompass Health Check if you have experienced any of the below scenarios:

Business Changes

There is one constant in the mortgage lending market and that is change. In an ever-changing industry, there is always opportunity to review current configurations, processes, and workflows to improve system performance and operational efficiency.

Technology Changes

Change is also inherent of technology as new features, functionality and solutions are introduced consistently across the Encompass Platform. Sometimes these changes have not been implemented causing workarounds or overly configured processes that should be unwound. Sometimes the changes may have been implemented in a less than optimal way which can cause inefficient or broken workflows.

Admin Personnel Changes

Average industry job tenure for a system administrator is 18 – 24 months. While not all positions turn that quickly, personnel changes happen. When this occurs in your organization, the person taking over in the interim or permanently may not know the reasoning behind the system configuration, why workflows were created in a certain fashion, understand if any of those items are still relevant today due to new to features and functionality offered or what should be reviewed or changed to provide optimization.

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Encompass Health Checks are not a one-size fits all engagement. Our experienced consultants work with your organization to do an in-depth review of your current workflow and Encompass configuration to make individualized, detailed, and actionable recommendations to deliver added system benefits and increased productivity.

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