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Waterstone Mortgage uses data to achieve innovative business initiatives.


Better decision making

When Waterstone Mortgage set out to streamline their entire loan lifecycle, they knew it would be a mistake to focus all their efforts on the front-end. They needed to improve processes on the backend too. They quickly learned that real-time, trustworthy reporting and data were the key to getting a holistic view of where things were running smoothly, and where they still had improvements to make.

Encompass Data Connect® and Insights™ bring all the information they need right into their Encompass® by ICE Mortgage Technology® environment. This one-stop-shop for information about everything from error counts to competitor benchmarking has made a huge impact on efficiency and their bottom line. Using trustworthy data to inform decision-making leaves less to chance and makes more room for success. Accessing data in real-time that is relevant for today's market is what makes Waterstone a leader when it comes to making decisions for individual branches.

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The challenge

The Waterstone leadership team is continually studying data, both to refine its own operations, and to benchmark how the company performs compared to the competition. But orchestrating that analysis wasn’t easy — or fast. The needed a more efficient way to gather and interpret data.

The solution

With Insights, Waterstone regularly benchmarks their production against the collective production of other ICE Mortgage Technology clients. They not only use the benchmark data in Insights to confirm that the company continually closes faster than industry averages, but also funnel this information into marketing campaigns.

“Ultimately, we’re gathering the data that’s important to the organization and presenting it to people in real time, so they can make better decisions, and have a better overall view of how we’re performing as a company.”

Tom Knapp
SVP and CIO, Waterstone Mortgage

Benefits and results

Using data for holistic improvement

Moving a loan faster out of the warehouse means increased profitability for Waterstone Mortgage.


Improvement in loan delivery to purchase

3-12 months

Advance access to data

360° view

All aspects of operations

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