What sets Mavent Compliance Service apart from other compliance engines?

Configured to how you’re uniquely regulated

Be compliant. One size doesn’t fit all. Mavent Compliance Service is the only compliance technology that can be configured based on your specific lending profile. This “theory of lending” approach helps keep you compliant based on your institution charter or license, area(s) of operation, preemption choices, statutory elections, business rules, and regulatory hierarchy that applies to your business.

Maintained by compliance experts and legal counsel

Be ready. Our industry-leading compliance experts and counsel regularly collaborate with the CFPB, GSEs, federal and state regulators, and mortgage investors to analyze and interpret federal, state and local regulations to ensure that you can automate compliance with new rules the moment they take effect. It’s like having a full team of regulatory specialists in your corner at all times.

Comprehensive, flexible, and fully automated

Be confident. Mavent Compliance Service lets you decide when and how often to run compliance checks. Set the service to run automatically for some or all loans in your system, and run as many checks as you need throughout the loan process. When the compliance check runs, you get a clear pass/fail notice for hundreds of state, local, and federal laws and regulations. If a loan fails, the solution highlights problem data, so you can easily see what issue needs attention.

Better for your bottom line

Be profitable. Mavent eliminates tedious and time-consuming manual processes by integrating automated checks into your existing workflow. And by always being up to date, Mavent provides organizations with tools to help meet and manage regulatory requirements – without the need to hire extensive staff.

Integrated with your workflow and leading loan origination systems

Be efficient. We consistently partner with compliance and technology providers to ensure Mavent Compliance Service can be integrated into leading loan origination systems and workflows. Improve efficiency and peace of mind knowing that we do the heavy lifting to keep our compliance and integrations up to date.