Understanding the Encompass Compliance Service Report

Do you completely understand your Compliance Report? Could your team use the Encompass Compliance Service report more effectively?

Our trainers will assist you in optimizing your system, and present best practices for setting up the Compliance Review Report for increased efficiency and effectiveness. This 2-part training is recommended for anyone on a team using the compliance report to help alleviate existing challenges and adapt your existing settings to best practices. Using interactive scenarios and troubleshooting exercises, your team will be able to conquer the most common header messages in the compliance report. By the end of this training, your team will be in sync to use the compliance report to its full potential.

What will I learn?

By the end of this course participants will:

  • Understand the impact of the Encompass Settings that pertain to the Compliance Report
  • Access the compliance report and understand the results and tools to help troubleshoot
  • Troubleshoot the Compliance Report alerts and messages

Who would benefit?

  • Processors
  • Closers
  • Encompass Administrators
  • Underwriters
  • Managers
  • Compliance/Legal 

Class Agenda:

Session 1

  • Encompass settings that impact the compliance review
    • Company/User Setup - Licensing - both NMLS and the Company License
    • Tables and Fees
    • Loan Setup – HMDA Profiles and Compliance Calendar
    • Compliance Review Setup
  • Setting up a dashboard for real time data on compliance reports

Session 2

  • Resources, tools, and best practices to troubleshoot the Compliance Report
  • Anatomy of the Compliance Report

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