Encompass Persona-Based Training: Processor

This hands-on, instructor-led class covers the basic processing workflow in Encompass over 4 hours of training. The first segment is followed by a break to allow students to eat, answer emails, return phone calls, etc. After the break, class will resume and students will complete their studies.

Topics include navigating Encompass functionality in Forms, Tools, and Services, validating borrower and loan data, and requesting order-out services. Detailed eFolder activities feature requesting/retrieving supporting documents, splitting and indexing files, reviewing signed disclosures, and managing underwriting conditions. Participants will also learn timesaving Encompass keyboard shortcuts.

Class Agenda

  • Reviewing Loan Summary Data
  • Completing Borrower Data
  • Reviewing Signed Disclosures
  • Retrieving eFolder Documents
  • Assigning, Indexing Unassigned Files
  • Ordering Services
  • Ordering Verifications
  • Adding File Contacts
  • Completing Milestones
  • Validating/Updating Loan Data
  • Reviewing Disclosure Tracking Tool
  • Sending Appraisal to Borrower
  • Adding Conversation Log Entries/Setting Alerts
  • Sending Loan to Underwriter
  • Reviewing UW Conditions
  • Requesting, Providing, Retrieving, Reviewing Additional Documents from Borrower
  • Modifying Verification Entries
  • Adding Comments in eFolder
  • Reviewing/Updating Homeowner’s Insurance & Title
  • Updating Seller Information
  • Sending loan back to Underwriter

Classroom Course - $399

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