Encompass Persona-Based Training: Processor

This course is designed to cover the basic processing workflows in Encompass. This 90-minute course includes learner interactions, knowledge checks, and video demonstrations. After you have finished this course, you should have a clear understanding of how to use Encompass to perform your essentials processing duties. Essential to this course is your basic understanding of processing.

Topics include:

  • navigating Encompass functionality in Forms, Tools, and Services
  • working with loan and program specific forms to validate borrower and loan data
  • requesting order-out services and compliance
  • managing Documents in the eFolder
  • requesting/retrieving/reviewing supporting documents, working with the File Manager
  • communicating with other loan team members through the loan
  • working with preliminary and underwriting conditions
  • retrieving disclosures
  • preparing and redisclosing a changed circumstance
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