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MERS® eRegistry celebrates 2 million eNotes milestone


Equipping mortgage lenders for success in the digital era

In a testament to the ever-increasing digital landscape of the mortgage industry, the MERS® eRegistry and its Members have recently achieved a major milestone - 2 million eNotes registered since inception. This achievement underscores the accelerating digital transformation within the mortgage sector and the profound benefits it brings to mortgage lenders across the nation.

eNotes, or electronic promissory notes, have become a potent force in the mortgage industry, offering numerous benefits to borrowers, originators and their business partners throughout the loan lifecycle. These benefits, including cost savings, reduced errors, improved borrower experience, improved process efficiencies and security are now well-known to lenders and investors.

At MERS, we are seeing that leaders in digital adoption are not only leveraging digital assets at scale, but making them part of their mainstream practice. As they keep pace with origination volumes and gain incremental growth, these lenders’ eNote registrations account for anywhere from 20% to 70% of their overall MERS® System registration volume.

As we commemorate this milestone, it's important to emphasize our unwavering commitment to being the trusted partner for mortgage lenders as the industry-standard utility. With over 215 originators, 80 investors and warehouse lenders, 35 servicers and sub-servicers, and more on the platform, the MERS eRegistry is the central system of record for eNote ownership in the U.S. mortgage market, allowing lenders to register, validate, transfer, eDeliver and ensure counterparties’ evidence of life of loan events - all seamlessly, at scale.

As the industry evolves, MERS is keeping pace with ever-changing needs, like supporting digital assets beyond eNotes, and eDelivery of not-yet-registered eNotes where needed. As the role of the MERS eRegistry continues to expand with new enhancements like these, we’ve recently made updates to our eNote white paper to equip Members with new information as they continue on their path to digital.

Whether you're just now embarking on your eNote journey, or seeking to expand your eMortgage program, MERS is primed to offer the support and expertise you require. Contact us below to learn more.

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