MSP® Digital Experience

Making servicing simple

MSP Digital Experience (MSP DX) is a revolutionary new back-office user interface for the industry-leading MSP® loan servicing system. MSP DX is designed to make servicing simple at every touchpoint by allowing users to perform their work as easily as they speak, replacing traditional screens and menus with conversational, chat-like interactions.


A more intuitive, dynamic and conversational approach to working in MSP

MSP DX is designed to help servicers work smarter and faster while providing more consistent service levels for homeowners.

ABOUT MSP Digital Experience

MSP DX reduces complexity for servicers by:

  • Allowing users to work simply by typing in the description of a servicing task they want to perform, then automatically bringing up the relevant information
  • Featuring an easy-to-learn, “chat-style” interface that is designed to help current employees work more efficiently and new users learn the system in less time, resulting in lower training costs
  • Presenting relevant information on a customer’s loan overview – such as payment amount, interest rate, and due date
  • Automating routine processes and highlighting any exception on a customer’s loan that may require human intervention to resolve
  • Replacing traditional task lists with intuitive “next-best action” suggestions that the servicer could take based on documents and upstream prerequisites
  • Supporting permissioned access and delivering detailed records of loan activity to assist audit requirements

MSP® loan servicing system

MSP, ICE’s best-in-class loan servicing software, has set the industry standard and is unmatched, due to a strong focus on regulatory compliance and risk, protection of borrower-owned data, decades of proven performance and our commitment to continuous innovation. MSP offers servicers of all sizes the ability to tackle today’s most pressing business challenges.

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