An electronic notary platform that allows for the digital completion of notary acts without paper, either in person or remote

DocVerify®, our eSign and remote online notarization (RON) platform, allows you to securely sign documents online, as well as store and manage legally binding documents from anywhere at any time. DocVerify can support the entire process of document signing and notarizing, eliminating paper and hassle while saving time and money.


Make staff notaries more cost effective and retain greater control over the borrower experience.

Less paper, and less time spent driving to meet signatories. It serves as a powerful form of authentication for documents that require a notary.

Drastically reduce sign times

Reduce the time it takes to sign a document to a matter of minutes.

Improve user experience

DocVerify eliminates the need for printing, signing, scanning and sending documents to get them signed, simplifying the process down to just a few simple clicks.

Streamline your business

Integrating e-signatures speeds up sales cycles, helps employees find documents faster, automates workflows, minimizes loss and reduces operating costs.

Fast and robust integration

DocVerify’s APIs allow you to integrate the e-signature process into your own applications easily. With the Easy Sign System add-on, you can even sign documents directly from your own website or mobile application.

Legal and binding

Documents are certified upon signing and securely stored in in VeriVault® so you always have an authenticated and protected copy.

Integration with expedite close

Easily integrates with Expedite® Close, ICE’s leading eClosing solution that supports wet-sign, hybrid and full digital closings.

About DocVerify

For mortgage professionals, earning lifelong customers means earning greater profits.

DocVerify sets the standard for remote online notarizations (RON), in-person electronic notarizations (IPEN) and signature capabilities. The solution can streamline the workflow for notarizing documents and storing notary journal entries, as well as videos, allowing you to focus less on signing and more on growing your business.

DocVerify features the highest level of security and tamper-evident technologies to help minimize liabilities that can potentially result in legal disputes. Additionally, DocVerify can help lenders maintain customer relationships through signing and closing, fostering the same high-quality experience as if meeting face-to-face.

Pricing made simple and affordable

Business E-Sign
$24 per license, per month; $268 annually

Enterprise E-Sign
$65 per license, per month; $760 annually

Enterprise Group
Custom pricing, contact for details


Frequently asked questions

Create a free account and sign in. Click on the “Notary Portal” button and fill out our notary application form. After verifying your identity, you will be able to easily e-notarize documents and use the e-journal system within 3 to 5 business days.

DocVerify supports many popular file types, including PDFs, Microsoft Office files, Adobe documents, images and more.

The platform has been designed to work from most devices with a browser and internet connection. No additional hardware/software is needed.


"Hundreds of signatures later, DocVerify just keeps getting better, the integration with Salesforce is even tighter, and the tech support is insane! ... Great product, great people."

"Support was extremely responsive during the pre-sales and installation processes, and we were up and running quickly. will get Salesforce integration at a great price"

"We’ve just implemented DocVerify at our company to help us with document change order approvals and are starting to use it for contract routing as well, and we love it!!"

"The one thing that stands out with this company is their responsiveness, and the fact that they really seem to care about us. ... above all it’s SIMPLE to use. I definitely recommend"

"...hands down the best part about using docverify was the high level of customer service we are always treated with."

"Our business partners are raving about the ease of DocVerify... the WOTC process has proven to be not only efficient, but very cost effective."

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