Risk Assessment and Management

The Risk Assessment and Management Policy and Procedure Guide explores various types of risk; identifies tools for establishing a risk appetite; and provides strategies for measuring, monitoring, and controlling risk. This guide also offers checklists and various tools used in risk assessment for client use.


The AllRegs® Risk Assessment and Management Policy and Procedure Guide assists financial institutions in development of a planned and systematic identification, evaluation and control of risks which can threaten the assets or financial and organizational well-being of the financial institution.

The Risk Assessment and Management Guide addresses the following topics:

  • Risk management governance
  • Identifying risks
  • Determining risk appetite
  • Measuring risk
  • Assessing risk
  • Risk management strategy
  • Operational compliance
  • Record retention
  • Exhibits
  • Best practices


The guide features the following benefits:

  • Supports strong operational practices and preparedness
  • Explains roles and responsibilities
  • Explains what to expect and how to work with auditors
  • Provides practical guidance for managing the audit process from within
  • Features an audit tracking spreadsheet as an optional tool

Optional Services

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Publishing: Publish your guide, including your company procedures, in AllRegs Online.

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