Practical Application of the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act

This course focuses on Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) data collection and reporting. Despite renewed focus on mortgage compliance and fair lending practices, violations of the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) remain a common occurrence. Though HMDA violations are most often related to data reporting errors, fines and other penalties may still be imposed if errors are frequent and recurring. You will learn about the requirements guiding data collection and the requirements for reporting that data annually, as well as the requirements for disclosing that data.

What will I learn?

  • Explain applicability and importance of HMDA
  • Identify lender reporting requirements
  • Identify elements of the Loan Application Register (LAR)
  • Explain how HMDA data is reported to the regulatory agencies and disclosed data to the public

Course Length

30 mins(approx)


Explain applicability and importance of HMDA

  • Identify HMDA Requirements
  • Introduction to HMDA
  • History of HMDA
  • Applicability
  • Exemptions
  • HMDA Key Requirements
  • HMDA Data
  • HMDA Compliance
  • HMDA Policies & Procedures
  • Penalties

Identify data collection requirements

  • What data is collected?
  • Reportable Transaction Types
  • Examples of Excluded Transactions
  • Where do we get the data?
  • Inquiry or Application?
  • Preapprovals
  • Timeliness of HMDA Data
  • Data Fields Overview
  • Application Introduction
  • Applicant Information Overview
  • Applicant Information: Demographic Information (DI)
  • Property Introduction
  • Loan Information
  • Pricing Related Information

Identify lender reporting requirements

  • Explain the reporting process
  • Loan Application Register
  • LAR Submission Deadlines
  • Certifying the LAR Accuracy
  • LAR Record Retention
  • Resubmitting the LAR

Disclosure Requirements

  • Explain HMDA disclosure requirements
  • Disclosure Overview
  • Publicly Available Modified LAR
  • Written Notice of Disclosure Statement
  • Written Notice of Modified LAR
  • General Notice in Lobby & Branches
  • Publicly Available HMDA Data

How it works

Each self-paced, self-study course examines a particular topic, allowing students to hone in on a focused set of learning concepts. Each course is designed with learning objectives, comprehensive course materials, learning reinforcement activities that appeal to various learning styles, real world examples, and, where appropriate, video and/or audio recordings of industry experts.

The final exam is completed online with instant grading, and you can download your industry-recognized certificate of completion after you successfully pass the course. While course completion time varies per student, it will take approximately one hour to complete most courses.

Students have 12 months from the registration date to complete the course. Upon successful completion of the course, students can download their industry-recognized certificate of completion and transcript.

*Restrictions apply. If your staff size exceeds 250, please consider the Enterprise AllRegs Education Package.

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