CFPB Mortgage Mentor Guide

AllRegs is pleased to present the CFPB Mortgage Mentor® Guide!

Our content provides industry practitioners like you guidance for navigating regulatory impacts to the loan life cycle from origination through servicing. This guide includes regulations that shaped the CFPB, handy features like checklists, and summary job aids.


Our CFPB Mortgage Mentor® Guide includes both origination and servicing guidance, an overview of Compliance Management Systems, as well as expectations of an examination – making the AllRegs CFPB Mortgage Mentor® Guide your COMPLETE resource to support regulatory compliance regardless of area of responsibility.

  • Welcome
  • Advisories
  • Overview
  • Introduction to the CFPB
    • Overview
    • Objectives
  • Compliance Management System
    • Goals of a CMS
    • Compliance Program Elements
    • Records Retention
    • Developing a CMS
  • Mortgage Origination Readiness
    • Origination Compliance
    • Processing
    • Underwriting
    • Closing
    • Quality Control
    • Self-Evaluation for Mortgage Origination
    • Records Retention
  • Mortgage Servicing Readiness
    • Servicers and Small Servicers
    • RESPA Compliance
    • TILA Compliance
    • Additional Legislative Requirements
    • Self-Evaluation for Mortgage Servicing
  • CFPB Examinations
    • What to Expect in an Exam
    • Exam Procedures and Process
    • Examination Report
    • Response and Action Plans
    • Specific Regulation Examinations
  • Resources


An intuitive, comprehensive and extensively researched guide to CFPB requirements, this online guide is available exclusively through AllRegs. The information is organized logically, to mirror the steps in the mortgage process. Users benefit from the following features, exclusive to AllRegs’ Mortgage Mentor® Guides:

  • Direct links to supporting federal publications and announcements inside AllRegs and externally to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • User-friendly, "how-to" format covering regulatory requirements a lender must follow
  • Information is cross-referenced and provides single points of reference throughout
  • Exclusive worksheets and checklists designed with the novice user in mind
  • "Best practices" for lenders to use as guidance for common procedures and widely accepted standards in the industry
  • Supporting job aids and reference material
  • A liberal site license allows for registered users to simultaneously access their own virtual copy, to bookmark and annotate as they please


All operations personnel including origination, processing, underwriting, closing, QC and servicing staff of the following:

  • Mortgage lenders
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Mortgage bankers
  • Third-party originators
  • Mortgage servicers


Compliance or legal professionals


What if you had a complete companion resource to the CFPB Supervision and Examination Manual? Imagine a tool to take the guidance and direction offered by the regulator and translate them into a plain language interpretation of regulatory requirements associated with the mortgage process. AllRegs has taken each facet of the loan process and created an online step-by-step guide through the life of loan cycle, complete with supplemental resources, charts, worksheets, and checklists, all at your fingertips. The beauty is the entire Mortgage Mentor® Guide available online in a searchable online format. Take it from us; researching CFPB guidance has never been easier!

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