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UX Helps Customers and Partners Make the Connection at ICE Experience 2023


ICE Experience 2023 attendees voting for potential product features.

“Do you have a minute to vote on potential product features?”
“What are your thoughts on automation?”
“Has anyone from our team accosted you, yet?”

These were just a few of the many ways the ICE Mortgage Technology® User Experience team greeted customers and partners at the ICE Experience 2023 UX booth. The last greeting was met with a lot of grins from conference-experienced attendees. The UX team’s goal was to gain timely feedback from our customers and partners in a quick, engaging way and to extend ICE Mortgage Technology’s hospitality.

With more than 2,000 customers and partners in attendance, old school office supplies, and an eager UX team, we succeeded. On one side of the booth wall, attendees voted for potential product features by putting star stickers next to any of the three to five features listed per product. If they didn’t see a feature they needed, they wrote it in with a sticky note. On the other side of the booth wall, attendees selected responses to four key mortgage business question:

  • Where would automation improve productivity most?
  • What information they needed when making business decisions?
  • What loan processing areas would most benefit from efficiency improvements?
  • What would increase eClose adoption?

If they had more ideas on how to improve these areas, they were welcome to write them in with a sticky note.


ICE Experience 23 attendees responding to key mortgage business questions.

Not only did customers and partners provide valuable feedback at the UX booth this year, but they also provided a great sense of community. The booth became a gathering place for customers, partners, ICE Mortgage Technology product and UX team members to share ideas and connect. After they participated, many attendees came back later to check on the results and engage in more discussion. Both customers and partners commented that they felt the overall results they were seeing at the booth validated what they were seeing in their day-to-day business. We thank all the ICE Experience 2023 attendees for helping us help them “Make the Connection” and we hope to see you at ICE Experience 2024.

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