Culture of automation

Moving your organization toward automation is no longer a nice to have, it's necessary for survival in the mortgage industry. To provide some perspective on this seismic shift, we've engaged six top experts as guest speakers across a six-episode “Culture of Automation” mini-series.


A culture of automation: Realizing your automation potential

What are the driving forces behind an organization’s decision to start their automation journey? The desire to deliver better borrower experiences, streamline operations, and solve business pain points are a few, but if you’re looking to hear a firsthand account of automation adoption, you’re in the right place.In this new episode, ICE Mortgage Technology’s Aaron Dormio, Senior Product Marketing Manager, is speaking with ICE Mortgage Technology customers Will Riner, Senior Vice President of Information Technology and Coty Baker, Senior Data Analyst at First Community Mortgage.Listen in now as they discuss how First Community Mortgage built a successful culture of automation that led them to effectively solve crucial pain points, drive front and back-end efficiencies, and achieve business growth.

Moving automation from vision to reality

Rapid advancements in technology have pushed automation to the forefront of mortgage lending. Making a plan for automation is only the first step, and now is the time to put that plan into action.In Episode 5 of our “Culture of Automation” mini-series, we’ll be joined by Chris McLendon, VP, Executive Account Leader at ICE Mortgage Technology. Chris will use his experience in solving problems for the biggest lenders in the industry to help us understand:Areas of improvement to focus on for a competitive edgeThe impacts of choosing the right LOS providerWays to simplify change management and champion adoptionRealistic ROI expectations when adopting automationListen now to hear these tips, and to get Chris’ prediction for when we can expect the 15-day close to become the norm.

Building your change management plan, and how

Change on any level can be hard if you’re not prepared. With a solid plan in place, even major organizational change will be less daunting.In episode 4 of our series, “Building a Culture of Automation,” we sit down with Mia Ferreira, Director of Product Management at ICE Mortgage Technology, to get her perspective on how to build a change management strategy that will see you through to a successful adoption. Some of the areas she’ll cover include:Setting up effective channels for communicationSharing the executive vision with the whole teamIdentifying influencers, advocates and evangelists that will create a positive attitudeReceiving and responding to post-launch feedback, and solving any problems early onListen now to learn how you can ensure a positive experience for everyone on your team, from the initial change architects, all the way to the end user.

Determining what to automate - Where do you begin?

Borrowers and loan officers have shifted away from the signing table.Empowered by digital experiences, consumers are taking their financial decisions into their own hands, with the ability to cut out the middle man as a basic expectation. In episode 3 of our “Culture of Automation” mini-series, John Haring, Director of Product Management at ICE Mortgage Technology explains how technology has caught up to desire with mortgage lending automation.Listen in to discover how automation empowers lenders to be more efficient, improve quality and, ultimately, deliver an impressive experience to borrowers.

What’s driving lenders to make the change to automation?

What’s driving lenders to make the change to automation?  Survival.We’re experiencing an historic shift in the mortgage lending market on the heels of an unprecedented refi boom, a high-demand real estate market, and a greater-than-ever need for efficiency.  In episode 2 of our “Culture of Automation” mini-series, Amy Cross, Principal Project Manager at ICE Mortgage Technology covers: What’s prompting lenders to adopt a culture of automationWhy automation is a critical element to long-term survivalWhich processes lenders are automating firstWhat end-to-end automation really looks likeTaking just 16 minutes to hear from Amy now is a big step in the right direction on your path to automation.

Building a culture of automation in an evolving marketplace

Moving your organization toward automation is no longer a nice to have, it's necessary for survival in the mortgage industry. To provide some perspective on this seismic shift, we've engaged six top experts as guest speakers across a six-episode “Culture of Automation” mini-series.To kick things off, we spoke with Keri Rogers, SVP, Strategic Planning at Lennar Mortgage. She covered a variety of topics with us, including:Steps an organization should consider when adopting a culture of automationThe impact automation can have on mortgage processes, and consequently, the borrower experienceRecommendations for mortgage companies looking to leverage automation to help drive greater ROI, efficiencies, and complianceListen to each episode to find out what your path toward automation might look like.


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