Servicing Vault

Standardized digital document storage across servicing solutions

Servicing Vault is a cloud-based solution that provides a single source for managing various types of digital media. With standard naming conventions to help you classify servicing documents easily and more precisely, your team can access those stored files within ICE servicing solutions to create a smoother experience — for organizations and customers — across the servicing ecosystem.


The next step in the evolution of digital document storage

Storing digital documents and media can be complicated, and limited naming standards create redundancy and confusion. Servicing Vault helps servicers standardize and streamline document and digital asset management and focuses strongly on data security – which helps save time and minimize risk.

Store documents once in a single, secure location

Standardized naming conventions help avoid confusion.

Add documents from other servicing applications

Flexible APIs allow you to add document types based on your needs.

Quickly and accurately classify material

Quickly and accurately classify material.

Reduce content silos

View stored documents across ICE servicing solutions.

Classify media

Utilize scanning technology to map critical media types.

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