Streamline the process of collecting delinquent payments

As part of ICE’s default suite of solutions, Collections™ provides customer service agents the capabilities necessary to properly contact delinquent borrowers. This includes tools that assist with authenticating borrowers using standard criteria and identifying qualified assistance options to resolve delinquency and prevent late-stage default and foreclosure.


An intuitive solution that helps streamline the process of curing delinquent loans

Collections is fully integrated with the MSP® loan servicing system and ICE’s consumer-centric servicing solutions, to offer customer service agents a user-friendly experience to communicate with borrowers.

Smart borrower engagement

Authenticate borrowers using standard criteria; present timely access to qualified assistance options.

Single call resolutions

Complete a process in a single call with a streamlined user interface and seamless integrations.

Risk management

Support regulatory compliance and avoid costly penalties using features that assist with compliance and borrower status indicators.

Self-service options

Through an integration with Servicing Digital™, borrowers can independently browse and request eligible assistance programs.

Seamless call routing

Easily transfer borrowers between customer service and collections personnel.

About Collections

Identify eligible assistance programs with ease

Data input in Collections is updated directly in MSP, helping to reduce manual errors and risk. Additionally, the solution can be integrated with third-party dialer technology, extending the solution’s capabilities to include call tracking and sequencing.

Collections leverages data from MSP to provide access to key information on a single screen, helping agents quickly understand the borrower’s situation so they can match them with an appropriate remedy. Automated workflows and calculations guide agents in asking preconfigured questions, while built-in logic helps them identify assistance options for which a borrower qualifies. These features lead to more effective and efficient interactions, creating a better experience for both agents and borrowers.

Collections also assists in compliance with regulatory and investor requirements relative to each borrower’s loan scenario, including FDCPA call frequency requirements. Additionally, status indicators, such as litigation, cease and desist and more, show important alerts that can impact servicing compliance. Collections can also be configured with your organization’s assistance options and rules-based agency.

MSP® loan servicing system

MSP, ICE’s best-in-class loan servicing software, has set the industry standard and is unmatched, due to a strong focus on regulatory compliance and risk, protection of borrower-owned data, decades of proven performance and our commitment to continuous innovation. MSP offers servicers of all sizes the ability to tackle today’s most pressing business challenges.

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