Encompass Administrator Certification

Experienced Encompass administrators attend the Encompass Administrator Certification to leverage advanced topics designed to take your organization's Encompass instance to the next level while maintaining optimal system performance.

This interactive course helps you achieve real world experience through numerous hands-on activities and an extensive business case example. Before leaving the class, you will complete a practice exam. This will set you up for success when you are ready to take the Encompass Administrator Certification exam.


Applicants must complete Encompass Administrator Certification Pretest verifying their understanding of core Encompass administrative functions.

What will I learn?

During the course, participants will focus on advanced Encompass functionality

  • Advanced User Access: Delve into the relationship of the user access components to avoid conflicts and troubleshoot your user access issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Dynamic Data Management (DDM) Rules: Automate your workflow by using data tables to create DDM rules and versioning your fee rules for times when fees change.
  • Loan Custom Fields and Calculations: Write advanced loan custom field calculations using best practices for optimal system performance. Explore a variety of operations that can be used within Encompass and the Input Form Builder.
  • Expert Business Rules: Learn and apply the essentials of Visual Basic by writing business rules with advanced code, using a systematic process and best practices for optimal system performance.
  • Advanced Input Form Builder: Expand the functionality of your custom input forms to include custom event handlers using macros and custom code.
  • Encompass Architecture and Environment: Explore the Encompass architecture for insights into maintaining optimal system performance and troubleshooting performance and latency issues.
  • Reporting Database Concepts: Examine key areas of using the Reporting Database effectively in relation to Encompass performance.
  • End User Support: Gain insight into developing a solid internal support plan and interacting with ICE Mortgage Technology support.

Who will benefit?

As the course covers advanced topics, participants should have:

  • Attended the Encompass Administrator Essentials Workshop or at least 6 months of full-time experience as an Encompass system administrator using the Banker Edition
  • A solid foundation of how to create and use business rules
  • A firm understanding of their organization's Encompass workflows and business rules
  • A general understanding of their organization's IT infrastructure and policies

Applicants must complete Encompass Administrator Certification Pretest verifying their understanding of core Encompass administrative functions.


Earning an Encompass Administrator Certification provides:

  • Certification tool for employers
  • Special offers on training and events
  • Recognition in the industry
  • Differentiation among peers
  • Proof of knowledge and skills
  • Accelerated effectiveness in the management of your Encompass solution
  • Increased efficacy in supporting Encompass day-to-day

Certified Encompass Administrators receive:

  • Certification (Valid for 24 months)
  • A business card logo

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    What Will You Need for Class?

    • Your own computer/laptop, one per registrant
    • A working microphone
    • Access to two monitors, if possible, to eliminate need to toggle between screens
    • Access to Encompass
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