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Building your change management plan, and how

February 25, 2022   •   Episode 15

Change on any level can be hard if you’re not prepared. With a solid plan in place, even major organizational change will be less daunting.

In episode 4 of our series, “Building a Culture of Automation,” we sit down with Mia Ferreira, Director of Product Management at ICE Mortgage Technology™, to get her perspective on how to build a change management strategy that will see you through to a successful adoption. Some of the areas she’ll cover include:

  • Setting up effective channels for communication
  • Sharing the executive vision with the whole team
  • Identifying influencers, advocates and evangelists that will create a positive attitude
  • Receiving and responding to post-launch feedback, and solving any problems early on

Listen now to learn how you can ensure a positive experience for everyone on your team, from the initial change architects, all the way to the end user.

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