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The Ultimate Borrower Communications Strategy for Mortgage Lenders

What’s the best way to let prospects know you want their business, without those messages morphing from persistence to irritation? Do speed and channel of contact really make a difference in response and ultimately, conversion rates? We turned to science—in the form of a Velocify® study—to find out the answers and captured them in this new eBook.

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Feel confident that you’re delivering the right message, at the right time, via the right channel. We've gathered our top resources to ensure your borrowers don't feel left behind.

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90% of borrowers are looking for more communication

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Target your audience with one-to-one marketing, prioritize leads, increase engagement with your buyers, close more deals, and get your borrowers into homes faster. Sound too good to be true? Our solutions are designed to deliver the support you need, and the experience your borrowers actually want.

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