Pop-up Windows - FAQ

  • What is a Pop-up Window?

    A pop-up window is an Internet browser window that opens on top of the main browser window.

  • What is a Pop-up Blocker?

    When users are having trouble within AllRegs Online, it's usually that their pop-up blocker is keeping them from opening the site.

    Pop-up windows can be a useful tool for building a web site, but unfortunately they are often used to show unsolicited ads. Pop-up windows are so misused that most Internet browsers have built-in “Pop-up Blocker” features that stop these windows from opening.

    There are also numerous add-in programs, such as the Google and Yahoo toolbars, that can add pop-up blocking capability to a browser that doesn’t support it directly.

  • Why Does AllRegs Use Pop-up Windows?

    When you login to AllRegs Online, it opens in a "pop-up" window to maximize the screen area available for showing you our content. There are also a number of important features within AllRegs Online that employ pop-up windows.

    We only utilize these windows to make the user interface more intuitive for our subscribers, NOT to display annoying ads or other intrusive content.

  • How Do I Allow Pop-ups for AllRegs?

    There are many sites like AllRegs that use pop-up windows responsibly and so all pop-up blockers have the ability to allow pop-ups on designated sites. If you have a pop-up blocker working in your browser, you’ll need to configure it to allow pop-ups for allregs.com. See below for more information.

    There are numerous pop-up blocking tools available today, so it is impossible for us to provide detailed instructions for them all. If your browser or add-in is not in the list below, refer to your browser’s or add-in’s help documentation.

    Allowing Pop-ups in Internet Explorer 9.0

    • Click the Tools button, and then click Internet options.

      tools internet options

    • On the Privacy tab, clear the Turn on Pop-up Blocker check box, and then click OK.

      privacy tab

      • To leave Pop-up Blocker on, but allow pop-ups from AllRegs, please do the following:
          • 1. In the Privacy tab, click "Settings"

        internet settings

          • 2. Under "Pop-up Bocker Settings" type in http://www.allregs.com and click "Add"

        add allregs

      Allowing Pop-ups in Internet Explorer 7.0 and 8.0

      1. Click the Internet Explorer "Tools" menu, located toward the right side of the browser, accompanied by a gear icon.
      2. Select "Pop-up Blocker > Pop-up Blocker Settings".
      3. Add "allregs.com" to the list of allowed sites.

      Allowing Pop-ups in Internet Explorer 6.0

      1. Go to the Internet Explorer "Tools" menu.
      2. Select "Pop-up Blocker > Pop-up Blocker Settings".
      3. Add "allregs.com" to the list of allowed sites.

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      Allowing Pop-ups in Safari 
      1. Open Safari if it is not already open. 
      2. Choose Safari > Preferences, and then click Security. 
      3. Turn off “Block pop-up windows.”

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      Allowing Pop-ups in Google Chrome
      1. Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
      2. Select Settings.
      3. Click "Show advanced settings".
      4. In the "Privacy" section, click the Content settings button.
      5. In the "Pop-ups" section, select "Allow all sites to show pop-ups." Or customize permissions for specific websites by clicking Manage exceptions.

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      Allowing Pop-ups in Firefox
      1. Open Firefox if not already open
      2. Click the menu button on the upper right hand corner and choose "Options".
      3. Select the Content panel.
      4. Uncheck "Block pop-up windows".

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      Allowing Pop-ups with the Google Toolbar

      Do you have Google Toolbar? It is a very common problem that Google Toolbar is blocking your pop-up windows.

      If you are not sure, here is a screenshot of Google Toolbar with Internet Explorer 9:

      Google Toolbar

      • To allow pop-ups, just click Toolbar's Pop-up blocker button. The button's icon should change from 'Pop- ups blocked' Pop-ups blocked to 'Pop-ups allowed' Pop-ups allowed. Once you allow pop-ups on a specific website, Pop-up blocker adds the website to an 'Allowed sites' whitelist.

      Refer to http://toolbar.google.com/popup_help.html for more information.

      Allowing Pop-ups with the Yahoo Toolbar

      1. Click the Pop-up Blocker menu on the toolbar.
      2. Select "Always Allow Pop-ups From...".
      3. Select allregs.com from the "Sources of Recently Blocked Pop-ups" list.
      4. Click "Allow".

      Refer to http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/toolbar/pub/index.html for more information.

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