Correspondent Lending Solutions

70% of correspondent investors trust the ICE Mortgage Technology® Platform as a preferred method to ensure efficient, high-quality loan acquisition.

Collaborate with sellers

By effectively collaborating with sellers, you can improve the lender and seller relationship, resulting in a smoother experience, better efficiency, repeat business, and increased profitability.

Automate loan acquisition

Streamline your workflow, increase efficiencies, manage your loan acquisition pipeline, and eliminate the complexities of investing at scale by leveraging a truly end-to-end digital mortgage experience.

Execute efficiently

Innovate and automate a critical part of the lending process to view eligible products and interest rates in seconds, maintain compliance requirements, and tap into a broad network of bidding, hedging, and analytics providers, all in one place.

Enable correspondent lenders to achieve better ROI and loan savings

Correspondent solutions, Encompass and Encompass TPO Connect allow for maximum efficiency, scalability, and profitability

Delivers 10.8x annual ROI

  • Scale operations and improve capacity by 28%
  • Process 1,414 more loans per year without additional resources

Save $654 per loan

  • Save an average of 498 minutes per loan
  • Speed funding by a full day

“Ultimately, we’re gathering the data that’s important to the organization and presenting it to people in real time, so they can make better decisions, and have a better overall view of how we’re performing as a company,”

Tom Knapp
SVP and CIO, Waterstone Mortgage

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