Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA)/Reg C

There are several fields that require the No Co-Applicant code to be reported in the HMDA LAR. How can I manage that for applicable loans with no co-borrower?

In the HMDA Information Input screen in the Demographic Information Co-Borrower section, upon selecting the "No Co-Applicant" Field 3840 the following fields will auto populate with the No Co-Applicant reportable code.

  • Co-Borrower Age Field 4184
  • Co-BorrowerCredit Score for Decision Making Field 4177
  • Co-Borrower Credit Scoring Model Field 4178
  • Co-Borrower Ethnicity Field 4188
  • Co-Borrower Race Field 3174
  • Co-Borrower Sex Field 4189
  • Co-Borrower Ethnicity Visual Observation Field 4132
  • Co-Borrower Race Visual Observation Field 4133
  • Co-Borrower Sex Visual Observation Field 4134
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