MLS in motion

Paragon Connect

Paragon Connect puts the MLS system in the palm of your hand. On-the-go access means you get the same experience on your phone as you do on your desktop. You now have the opportunity to select Paragon Connect as your MLS system of choice, and we've created this resource center to provide you the tools and information you need to get started.

MLS in motion




Power search

Listing maintenance

Near-me search

Mobile app



Detailed search

Paragon Connect features

All-in-one dashboard

Quickly access what you need from a central dashboard

Power search

Search for properties, MLS numbers, contacts, addresses, phone numbers and more with "contains" search

Near me search

Find nearby listings with a tap, on your phone or tablet


Maintain your listings on the go from a phone, tablet or laptop

Connect with clients

Stay in touch with buyers and sellers in real time


Generate CMAs in 30 seconds or less.

The best things in life really are free

At least for a little while. Don't miss your chance to enjoy all the on-the-go capabilities of Paragon Connect for a full quarter for FREE.

After your free trial, simply select Paragon Connect and pay just $15/month or $45/quarter for the ability to enjoy the power of the MLS in the palm of your hand.


Get ready for an MLS experience without limits

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