Data & Analytics

Make more informed business decisions with Insights by ICE Mortgage Technology™

Be better informed to make data-driven business decisions

Insights by ICE Mortgage Technology™ provides an easy-to-use application to access industry and peer group data as well as industry benchmarking, so you can be better informed to make smart data-driven business decisions.

Answer questions such as:
  • Where do I want to expand my business?
  • Who should I target in order to expand my business?
  • Is my pricing competitive with my peers and the industry?
  • Are my efficiency levels comparable with the industry?
  • How do my pull-through rates compare with my peers and the industry?

Access industry analytics

Stay on top of changes in the mortgage industry to understand important trends such as the average time to close, changes in interest rates, borrower demographics, credit scores, and more. 

Users can customize the data by time period, geography, and a variety of loan characteristics.

Compare your data with thousands of ICE Mortgage Technology lenders

Peer benchmarking compares data from thousands of ICE Mortgage Technology™ lenders with your data to help you understand how you are performing against your defined peer groups.