AllRegs Market Clarity
Get granular

Make confident underwriting and investor decisions by comparing investor guidelines side-by-side across 44 attributes.

Slice and dice

Cut through mountains of data to leverage new reporting options that lets you export and analyze the exact information you need.

Know the score

Stay current with constantly updated product changes and overlays from the AllRegs loan products library.

Market Clarity gives you the ability to compare and contrast more than 3,000 loan products from 95 different investors.

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Powerful Tool

Manage investor information and gain insight with access to granular product details, along with accessing detailed guidelines from investors you don’t do business with – yet. We mask their identity, which allows you to:

  • Easily analyze loan programs side by side
  • Leverage detailed product templates and detailed investor guidelines
  • Review the full set of product guidelines for each of your investors
  • Track the changes to loan product guidelines the day they occur

Correspondent or broker?

Market Clarity is an ideal product to identify what is available in the marketplace.

Upstream investor?

Easily and effectively leverage Market Clarity to mitigate risk and maximize market opportunity.

Market Clarity screenshot

Reporting that Delivers the Data You Need

With Market Clarity, you get the following:

  • Data from more than 95 investors with thousands of products
  • Dashboards that focus product data into similar categories based on characteristics
  • Product searches including investor, product category, and loan, lien, and underwriting type, and more
  • Investor products compared side-by-side with pre-defined layouts
  • Tracked and notated changes in investor data

Covers the Bases

Market Clarity quickly:

  • Mitigates risk by determining if your guidelines are too lenient
  • Indicates areas of the lending spectrum that are underserved
  • Boosts sales opportunities by helping your team differentiate your program vs. your competitors
  • Assures quality by comparing your underwriting guidelines against your peers
  • Increases efficiencies with a competitive market analysis

AllRegs Market Clarity gives you a clear competitive edge.

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