Policy & Education Manager

Use one dashboard to ensure your entire company stays educated and adheres to policies and procedures. ICE Mortgage Technology’s Policy & Education Manager is a comprehensive learning and content management system that will help keep your employees compliant with current regulations, agency guidelines and your organization’s best practices.

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Easily control, customize and manage education from one dashboard

  • Create and manage user accounts
  • Design specific learning paths based on role, topic or function
  • Develop assessments to track comprehension and course completions

Trust the technology that’s trusted by leading lenders

ICE Mortgage Technology’s Policy & Education Manager gives you access to:

  • Policy & Procedure Manuals with Knowledge Check
  • Mortgage Education Package
  • Continuing Education Library
  • Custom-branded Education Management Portal
  • Policy & Education Consultant

Policy & Education Manager is available in two packages to help ensure your board, management team and employees understand and adhere to your company’s unique policies, procedures and responsibilities.

Bring the whole company up to compliance — and stay there

Policy & Education Manager is part of the ICE Mortgage Technology Compliance Management System that can help you comply with CFPB requirements and:
  • Enforce policies & education
  • Manage vendors
  • Track/resolve customer complaints
  • Keep employees educated and informed
  • Insight into dashboard and pipeline views
  • Automate and track employee learning
  • Stay current with agency guidelines
  • Make sure employees follow specific best practices
  • Ensure your company adheres to policies and procedures