Encompass TPO Connect®

A solution for optimizing your wholesale and correspondent channels

See how TPO Connect delivers ROI to Wholesale Lenders ROI study and Correspondent lenders.

Built on the ICE Mortgage Technology Platform, Encompass TPO Connect is a fully-configurable web-based portal that allows you to effortlessly collaborate with your TPOs so you can work faster, stay compliant and maximize the profitability of every loan.

Maximize profitability of your TPO channels in a whole new way

Increase your pipeline: Attract new customers and enable them to seamlessly channel new business directly to your Encompass pipeline with an easy-to use, branded portal

Close and purchase loans faster: Empower TPOs to easily originate high-quality, fully-compliant loans in a self-sufficient manner and boost your productivity

Develop stronger partnerships: Collaborate and communicate more effectively with your TPOs and provide them the visibility and control they need throughout the origination process


Easy to onboard and deploy: Get your teams started with easy-to use onboarding functionality, implementation services by experts, ongoing training and resources that help expedite time to value

Flexible and configurable: Easily configure by end users to create customized workflows across multiple channels without ever having to write a line of code

Built on an end-to-end digital mortgage platform: TPO generated loan data seamlessly flows into your pipeline with consistency and accuracy allowing you to leverage a single system of record

Innovate faster with the ICE Mortgage Technology Platform

Streamline your entire lending or investing processes with improved efficiency, higher quality, and full compliance. As a result, your customers/members get a more seamless experience and you get better ROI, all from a single system of record.

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"Having a system like Encompass TPO Connect that links you with your TPO partners and lets them know that they’re valued as customers is critical to winning more business."

Lorenzo Adams
VP of Operations
First Community Mortgage