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Be more efficient and improve customer service

Increase efficiency and customer service through secure, streamlined communications with settlement agents.

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Increase your competitive advantage

Success in today’s competitive mortgage lending landscape means continually improving efficiency and customer service, all while keeping pace with changing regulatory demands. With stringent Know Before You Owe requirements, staying efficient and compliant can be a daunting task—even for the savviest lender.

Effortlessly communicate and exchange documents

Traditional lender-settlement agent interactions can feel like a paper chase, with a barrage of faxes, courier packages and overnight deliveries keeping the process going. When documents are received, you have to rekey this critical data into Encompass®, which adds unnecessary time, manual steps and margin of error to the lending process.

Encompass Title & Closing Center streamlines the process by enabling your settlement agents to seamlessly, securely integrate into your workflow through a browser-based portal.

The Encompass Title & Closing Center lets you:

  • Order and receive fee quotes
  • Order and receive title reports
  • Order closing docs and services

All without leaving Encompass.

This portal becomes your single, cohesive point of data exchange with your agents, and one that saves time and reduces error rates for you. When your settlement agents upload your requested documents, they flow into the appropriate borrower eFolder, eliminating rekeying, filing and courier costs. When your agent uploads title fees or other data, you can retrieve and import this information directly into the 2015 Itemization form and closing forms. This process can shave hours off of the lending workflow.