Correspondent Lending

The ICE Mortgage Technology Platform comes equipped with a comprehensive correspondent investing solution that helps investors maximize quality, and minimize risk. You can efficiently manage your entire loan acquisition pipeline so you can purchase from the secondary market with ease. All loan delivery and purchase activities are performed within a single system of record, helping you standardize operations, enhance data integrity, ensure compliance, and provide a seamless experience for your sellers.

Trade management: Seamlessly manage every aspect of your batch loan trades, including fees, loan criteria, and commitment authorities… all from a single location

Conditions and document management: Easily add loan conditions for each of your purchase transactions, and receive automated notifications when your sellers upload required documents

Contact management: Manage and communicate with all your customer contacts from a single location

Lock desk management: Seamlessly manage your lock desk policies, hours of operation, and overnight protection policies, and notify sellers when your policies change

Configurable workflows: Build customized loan acquisition workflows for your users and external customers so you can manage your business your way

Management by exception: Filter loans across your entire pipeline against hundreds of variables, so you can focus on the highest priority items

Workflow automation: Save time and eliminate errors with user persona restrictions and automated data validation rules, alerts, customer communication, and more


"To me, this feature is a no-brainer. I don’t understand why any mortgage company or investor wouldn’t want it. It’s an easier, more secure way to accurately transfer data— and it works."

Eric McCall
VP, First Home Mortgage