Servicing FHA Loans

This course presents the entire scope of the basics of servicing FHA loans, including basic terms and various structures, the administration of FHA loans, general and specific loss mitigation servicing as well as recent FHA updates or changes as introduced via Mortgagee Letters that are not yet in the FHA Handbook 4000.1.

Participants will first be introduced to the fundamentals of FHA lending for an understanding of the types of loans participants may be involved in servicing before moving into the FHA Servicing objectives, processes and procedures required to meet compliance requirements, loan administration requirements, and approved loss mitigation options. In the last class, we will cover foreclosure, servicing ARM loans, quality control requirements, the Tier Ranking System and claim filing.


By the end of the course participants will have a solid understanding of the Federal Housing Administration and its objectives and requirements to implement policies and procedures that satisfy FHA’s servicing requirements, both for current and delinquent loans.

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