Encompass Persona-Based Training: Originator

This hands-on, instructor-led class covers the basic origination workflow in Encompass over 4 hours of training. The first segment is followed by a break to allow students to eat, answer emails, return phone calls, etc. After the break, class will resume and students will complete their studies.

Topics include navigating Encompass functionality in Forms, Tools, and Services, efficiently completing the loan application, ordering services, understanding required fields, requesting eConsent, and uploading and indexing files in the eFolder. Participants will also learn timesaving Encompass keyboard shortcuts.

Class Agenda

  • Completing Borrower Summary – Origination
  • Ordering Credit
  • Sending and Retrieving eConsent
  • Completing 1003
  • Pricing/Lock (Encompass Product & Pricing Service: functions)
  • Completing 2015 Itemization
  • Updating RegZ-LE
  • Finishing Loan Estimate, all pages
  • Completing Request for Transcript of Tax
  • Home Counseling Provider
  • SSPL: Settlement Service Provider List
  • Affiliated Business
  • State-Specific
  • Sending Disclosures & eSigning
  • Completing File Contacts
  • Adding Conversation Log
  • Uploading Files
  • Completing Milestone

Classroom Course - $399

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