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Mr. Cooper provides a friction-free borrower experience with Velocify

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Customer satisfaction as a top priority

Being a customer-obsessed customer, Mr. Cooper works backwards from the customer in everything they do to provide a simple, personalized borrower experience.


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Building the best borrower experience

Based in Dallas, Mr. Cooper is the nation's largest independent servicer. They describe themselves as customer-obsessed, and it shows in the quality of their borrower experiences.

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"The most cost-effective change we've implemented at Mr. Cooper is reimagining and redesigning our loan fulfillment process. We've focused on automating decisions with data that's resulted in tremendous opportunity for our customers, lower churn times, better customer satisfaction scores and lower cost to originate."

Shawn Stone
CRO, Mr. Cooper


Mr. Cooper is a customer-obsessed company that understands what can be achieved when the borrower experience is top priority. They conduct frequent customer satisfaction surveys, and they take the feedback they get there seriously.

Working backwards from the customer always lands Mr. Cooper squarely at automation as they streamline processes and reduce friction in the lending process. Automating lead management has been the key to maximizing opportunities and increasing customer satisfaction at every stage. They've leaned into their lead management system, Velocify® by ICE Mortgage Technology™, and have arrived at solutions that allow them to meet their customers wherever they want to be met.

"Routing leads to our mortgage professionals and meeting demand from our customers - landing that plane was just so, so critical. And we felt that Velocify brought the functionality to execute upon that." -Shawn Stone, CRO, Mr. Cooper

3 pillars of success

When developing a strategy for delivering an outstanding borrower experience, Mr. Cooper quickly identified three core pillars of success. These pillars support all of the decision-making at Mr. Cooper, and have supported their fully redesigned, reimagined loan fulfillment process.

The first pillar is lowering origination costs, the second is improving customer satisfaction scores, and the third is improving turn-times for borrowers. As much as possible, decision-making is automated using high-quality data and a steady focus on these initiatives.

Double-clicking on their lead management platform and making sure that the solutions they put into place matched customer needs with skilled mortgage professionals has been critical to their success.

“The Mr. Cooper team strives to be champions for customers, and that means we must first show them that we are here to offer support as soon as they need us. We have designed a technology platform utilizing Velocify that allows us to interact with customers in a smooth and swift manner, and we are proud to see increased customer satisfaction and response rates with these new tools." -Stephen Rice, SVP Sales at Mr. Cooper

The Challenge

During robust market growth in 2020 and 2021, Mr. Cooper identified that a supply/demand inequation had cropped up, where customer demand outweighed the supply of team resources.

The Solution

Mr. Cooper recognized two areas of opportunity for their mortgage professionals to speed up response times: a prioritized lead queue, and a click-to-call feature. Both of these solutions were available with Velocify by ICE Mortgage Technology.

Benefits and Results

By leveraging their partnership with ICE Mortgage Technology, Mr. Cooper was able to expand their capacity to support more customers while delivering a better experience. Over 1,000 of their loan officers are using Velocify today.

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