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Gold Star Mortgage Financial taps into infinite ROI with mortgage lending automation through AIQ



Simplifying mortgage lending with automation

Looking to simplify their mortgage lending process and move to an exception-based workflow, Gold Star Mortgage turned to AIQ by ICE Mortgage Technology® to automate manual tasks. Freeing up time for underwriters, processors, and other teammates to focus on more complex loans has put Gold Star in a position to scale tremendously as volume increases, without having wide variances in staffing and resource models. Eliminating review steps and having a system they can trust has enabled Gold Star to reduce the 50-point underwriting checklist to just 5 points in an exception-based workflow.

As Gold Star has become more efficient, doing more with less, processors can dedicate more time to larger tasks and not have to worry about something as simple as data ingestion. A dramatic reduction in cycle time has brought borrowers to the closing table much, much faster. By utilizing AIQ Income and Credit Analyzers, loan officers can get the correct documentation from borrowers and determine if a borrower is going to be approved before the file is even submitted to underwriting. Saving their team significant time and eliminating stare-and-compare work is delivering long term ROI.

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The Challenge

Increase efficiency, improve operational productivity, and do more with less to insulate margins by automating loan data collection and document validation.

The Solution

Automatically extract and validate data from applications, W-2s, credit reports, and other documents to streamline processing, shorten time-to-close, and facilitate tremendous growth at scale.

"Investing in AIQ really set us up to be able to do more with less during the next market shift. There's a great competitive advantage that we have because we're going to be able to take in more volume, do triple the amount of loans without having to increase staff, and create better margins and bottom line."

David Williams
CIO/CISO, Gold Star Mortgage

Benefits and results

Delivering long-term ROI

With automated document indexing in place, Gold Star Mortgage can deliver an even better borrower experience, giving them a significant competitive advantage.

7 day

Reduction in loan cycle time

100 hours

Processing time saved per month

10 days

Faster clear-to-close for self-employed borrowers

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