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Gold Star Mortgage leaves nothing to chance when making informed business decisions based on hard data.

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Trustworthy data leads to effective strategies

Outgoing decisions are only as good as incoming data, which is why Gold Star chose to make fast access to timely data a top priority.

Data-driven decisions

Improved recruiting

Quick market analysis

Accurate performance view

Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group

Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group didn’t become a $2.75B, 30-state lender by relying on “gut feel.” Every business decision—from pricing and product to recruitment and expansion—is all based on hard data.

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"The responsible thing to do is take the good fortune that you had and reinvest for that next cycle to make sure that you’re positioned to compete, and data is a huge piece of that."

AJ Franchi,
COO, Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group

Customization for efficiency

Gold Star Mortgage launched Encompass® as their LOS back in 2009 as a solution for their need to work as efficiently as possible. Since that time, they've used the flexible platform to implement customized tools that have allowed them to:

  • Saved time on total life of loan
  • Streamlined loan delivery and execution
  • Gained a complete, end-to-end view of loan process
  • Improved data integrity

With a single system of record in place, and their lending processes running like a well-oiled machine, Gold Star was ready to take their data utilization to the next level.

Expansion strategies

Gold Star is a $2.75B lender operating in 30 states, and developing sound expansion strategies has been an essential part of their growth. They've relied on data and analytics to inform decision making as they've taken on new markets. AJ Franchi said, “Insights by ICE Mortgage Technology gives us a good view of what the standard business looks like in our markets, and how we compare. Before we enter a market, we can clearly understand what products and rates we need to compete—and better determine if it makes good business sense to be in that market at all. It’s one thing if you’re in one market or state. But, if you’re going to start expanding outside of your geographic footprint, you really need a tool like this.

The Challenge

As Gold Star Mortgage grew, alongside a quickly changing mortgage lending industry, there was an urgent need for relevant, timely data that they could trust to build decisions around. At the same time, good data was becoming more difficult to find.

The Solution

Gold Star leveraged Insights by ICE Mortgage Technology™ to bring near real time data about rates, benchmarking, regional market information, available products, and more - right into their Encompass®  environment.

Benefits and Results

Gold Star saw a significant impact on their overall success in less than one year from integrating Insights through: Decisions based on numbers and facts, Vetting prospective sales team members, Competitor benchmarking in specific markets

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