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Dignified Home Loans, LLC embraced Insights by ICE Mortgage Technology to propel change and build innovation.

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Leveraging data as a single source of truth

When data and analytics go from time-consuming and inefficient to easy and intuitive, everything changes.


Decrease in turn-times


Accelerated turn-times


To stay competitive

Dignified Home Loans

Dignified Home Loans’ HQ is in Westlake, California, with branch offices throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona. Like a lot of their peers, Dignified Home Loans’ refinance turn-times went up in October, so they made a conscious effort to improve time-to-close by identifying and problem-solving bottlenecks.

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“This has always been a competitive industry and we value our salesforce. We want to know how well we’re doing and we want to know where there’s room for improvement.”

Alan Wong
SVP of Application Technologies & Analytics at Dignified Home Loans, LLC

Room for improvement

Dignified Home Loans is a relatively young company, and the rate of growth they've experienced has been impressive. Keeping an eye towards improvement, Alan Wong was looking to shore up any weaknesses and keep moving forward. Alan said, “This has always been a competitive industry and we value our salesforce. We want to know how well we’re doing and we want to know where there’s room for improvement.” Alan realized that in order to keep up the pace, they needed to have solid data to base important decisions on. Knowledge is power, and as Alan puts it, “Once I know what I’m up against, I can figure what my solution needs to be." He started searching for a way to capture and analyze trustworthy data that could be used as an industry benchmarking tool.

Trustworthy data in seconds

Alan realized that in order to benchmark against the competition and see how Dignified Home Loans was performing at national, state, and local levels, they needed a more sophisticated solution. They decided to incorporate Insights into their data processes. In less than 6 months, they had improved their time-to-close, with turn-times coming down to 55-50 days, when they were at about 65. “It’s easy to use and intuitive. It didn’t take long at all to onboard or navigate through the tool. What took my team hours, could take Insights™ seconds. And I can trust data straight from Encompass® and trust the benchmark data against peers. I don’t have to spend a lot of time second-guessing the data.”

The Challenge

The way Dignified Home Loans pulled data was time-consuming and inefficient. As they continued to grow, they had a difficult time getting the benchmark data they needed.

The Solution

Insights gave them the ability to benchmark against other lenders. They were able to maximize their data and save time with a standardized reporting strategy.

Benefits and Results

Because of the significant improvements made to their data strategy with Insights, Dignified Home Loans was able to:

  • Leverage data as a single source of truth
  • Rapidly accelerate turn-times
  • Benchmark themselves against peers
  • Gain the confidence needed to stay competitive

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