Customer Success Stories

Our customers use ICE Mortgage Technology® to lead the mortgage lending industry and make the American Dream come true. Their stories are the inspiration behind our drive to keep providing world-class solutions for innovation, automation, and efficiency. These are the stories of how they merge innovative thinking with technology and service to better serve their customers.

Lennar Mortgage, LLC saves time and money by making automation their central focus

Making automation the central focus of their business allows Lennar to continue to grow in any market.

Mr. Cooper works backwards from the customer to create a delightful experience

Automating the mortgage lending process provides borrowers with a highly interactive digital mortgage experience.

More Customer Success Stories

See how ICE Mortgage Technology® has been creating real-life success for mortgage lending leaders.

Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group used solid data to develop expansion strategies

Made data-driven decisions to improve recruiting, perform quick market analysis, and assess performance.

Mann Mortgage eliminates stare-and-compare by automating document verification.

AIQ Credit and Income Analyzers automate document verification and import information directly into Encompass

Gold Star Mortgage moves to an exception-based workflow

Automating time-consuming tasks with AIQ is supporting infinite ROI.

Googain, Inc. continues to grow as a top mortgage lender by adopting eClose

Automation and eClose technology are providing a frictionless experience for both borrowers and lending staff.

Columbus Capital Lending streamlines processes for growth

Decreased loan origination times by 2 1/2 days and expanded their client base through text with Encompass®.

Dignified Home Loans propels change using trustworthy data

They accomplish in seconds tasks that use to take hours using Insights™.

Homeowners Financial Group close the gap between loan originators and borrowers

Leads turn into loans with an easy-to-use borrower portal.

Waterstone Mortgage accesses benchmarking and industry data quickly

With Insights™, they receive data 3-12 months prior to other options.

Mortgage Solutions eliminated operational bottlenecks

Increased pull-through rate by 60-70%.

Encompass Data Connect™ helps American Pacific Mortgage boost overall data performance

Feedback from American Pacific developers was implemented to support high-volume growth.

ROI that speaks for itself

With today’s high origination costs, efficiency and profit maximization are the keys to financial success. Developed with this in mind, Encompass delivers significant ROI.

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