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Seven tips for creating a winning mortgage sales organization

In Q4 of 2022, the mortgage market shifted significantly, and many lenders are now playing catch-up — are you one of them? If your team is struggling to adjust to this high-rate, low-inventory market, the strategies you’ve been leaning on to attract and win business need to evolve.In order for sales teams to succeed, their approach has to meet the market as it is now, not as it once was. As lenders try to make the most of the last quarter of 2023 (and prepare for 2024), I’d like to share some of the proven sales strategies that are helping my clients succeed—regardless of rates. If you act on them, these strategies will inspire confidence across your organization, encouraging your team members to operate with the right mindset.There’s ample opportunity in this market, but capitalizing on that opportunity starts with reprioritizing what always matters most in any business: sales.

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Automation & technology  

Three ways to drive scale and operational efficiency with mortgage automation

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