Buying a House to Get a Home - Ellie Mae Founder on Fox Business

Recently, our CEO and founder, Sig Anderman appeared on Fox Business to discuss home ownership and the American Dream.

The discussion focused on whether or not purchasing a home is a good investment. Is it secure? Will it keep up with stock market? Is it still a part of the American Dream? How can a potential purchase be measured and analyzed so that it can be weighed against other investment opportunities?

In a world that puts so much value in the quantifiable, Sig made an excellent point:

“People want to live in home, not a portfolio.”

Watch the video here. Sig shares a thoughtful, realistic outlook that is upbeat and encouraging. He still sees home ownership – home being a key word – as an essential part of the American Dream.

He says, “People buy homes not as an investment, but to live in. And, over time, it’s become one of the best investments anyone could ever make.”

When pressed that there seemed to be little movement by Millennials from renters to owners, and that it may be difficult for them to get loans, he made it clear that – with the proper credentials – it is actually fairly easy to get a loan.

“This is a great time to buy.”

It’s at 5:35 in the video where he really shares what matters to so many of us – why home ownership is and always be so important to the American Dream. Take a look.

And remember that Sig - among others – will be delivering a keynote at Encompass Experience 2015. If you haven’t registered, now’s the time.

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