The Best Time to Make Sales Calls

Time is a valuable resource, and finding the right time to reach prospects can be an agonizing task. A rather old school approach suggests scheduling sales calls at certain times of the day, when prospects are supposedly primed for contact. However, in today’s rapid-fire, always-on environment, those cookie cutter techniques are rarely successful.  

Two recent studies from Velocify® by Ellie Mae® shed light on how leading sales organizations are making contact with prospects and driving revenue. In short, following-up quickly with new leads is the single most important driver of sales conversion. Research has shown that prospects who receive a call within one minute of their initial inquiry are 391% more likely to convert than those called any time after that. Breaking this down, if a new inquiry comes in at 9:00 am and the salesperson waits until 4:00 pm to follow-up, then that seven hours of lag time could have quite a negative impact on conversion.

Research also shows that following-up in strategic intervals can be far more effective than scheduling calls for an “optimal” time of day. For instance, by using a sequenced call strategy of roughly six calls over a 15-day period, companies can improve their overall contact rates by up to 110%.

Velocify’s research findings prove that timing matters when reaching out to prospective borrowers, as does the follow-up call sequence. Take a look at the research to see how your sales approach may or may not be helping you reach your highest conversion potential.

Download the following free resources from Velocify:

Research Report: When to Call Sales Leads

Whitepaper: Ultimate Contact Strategy

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