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Sales and Consumer Engagement

Increase consumer engagement through thoughtful automation

  •  By Ellie Mae

Encouraging loan officers (LOs) to adopt new tools or systems can be challenging. Especially in times when volume is at an all-time high. The truth is, LOs should be spending their time developing and engaging with potential borrowers, bringing in new business and closing loans quickly. For LOs to remain productive and meet borrower expectations, it’s important to support them with technology that helps them achieve their goals, without having to do more work.

Velocify® by Ellie Mae helps lenders do just that, while simultaneously increasing loan officer productivity and consumer engagement through a simple, customizable and multi-channel tool that automates compliant communication between borrowers and LOs.

Let’s say certain documents were due from the borrower, but they haven’t been received. Instead of your LO spending time trying to track down those documents, an automated and compliant tool that runs in the background can work on their behalf to ensure borrowers are aware of pending or delinquent documents. The LO doesn’t have to do a thing. The communications occur through email, text or phone...or all three.

“The automated follow-up Velocify offered was pivotal to us,” said Chris Shugart, SVP, Director of Mortgage Business Development at South State Bank. “It’s ultimately going to give our LOs more time and help them close more loans—and they don’t even have to think about it. That’s the trifecta.”

Free your LOs from spending countless hours tracking down missing documents by giving them the time and freedom to do their jobs: engaging borrowers and closing more loans. Consumer engagement has never been so easy.

Learn how Velocify LeadManager Essentials™ streamlines document follow up in 90 seconds here

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