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Sales and Consumer Engagement

Are your loan officers communicating with borrowers enough?

  •  By Ellie Mae

In today’s high-volume market and with so many working remotely, are you effectively communicating with prospective borrowers? 

Did you know that 75% of lenders think they communicate enough with their borrowers? But research shows that 38% of borrowers prefer even more communication than what their lender provides. The homebuying experience and borrower expectations have changed, and lenders should be equipped with the latest tools to meet the needs of the modern borrower. 

The key to keeping borrowers engaged

Are your loan officers meeting borrower expectations and providing consistent communications? To deliver clear, timely and relevant messaging to borrowers and close loans faster, you need to reach homebuyers through their preferred method of communication. By utilizing a variety of channels and communicating at regular touch points throughout the entire loan lifecycle, your loan officers can ensure they stay relevant with prospective borrowers. And the best part? There’s a way to do this without any added burden on your team.

Through automated technology that keeps the consumer at the forefront, Velocify LeadManager Essentials™ helps lenders deliver consistent communications throughout the entire loan process and at every milestone, via text and email. Loan officers can rely on pre-set, personalized and compliant communications to deliver updates about the loan’s progress, check in and put the borrower’s mind at ease.

So, how does Velocify LeadManager Essentials work? 

Let’s say a borrower completes an application, lenders can auto-generate a welcome email or text message letting the borrower know their information was received and their loan is in process. It doesn’t stop there, you can deliver milestone communications when their loan is approved, with underwriting and when they need to complete the next step in the process. With pre-configured communications, borrowers receive personalized text and email communication from loan officers at every step throughout the loan lifecycle, giving the borrower assurance that they are receiving the best consumer experience. 

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