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Paradise Found: Everything your loan officers need in a single solution


Remote work, booming refinance demand, historically low interest rates.All of this and more has created a lender’s paradox this past year, rather than a lender’s paradise. While theoretically, lenders should be reaping the benefits of increased demand, it can be a struggle to meet it due to resource constraints and disjointed, manual processes. What’s more, this not only means long days for your loan officers, but also disengaged and unhappy borrowers.

With so much going on, it can be easy for your team to feel overwhelmed or overworked. With only 9% of lenders expecting the majority of their borrowers to return and with just 50% of borrowers considering their lenders responsive, it’s time to reevaluate the traditional borrower journey and make the process easy for everyone involved. That's why we're here to help your LOs do their best by creating an experience to ensure happier, loyal borrowers.

To make this happen, we've significantly expanded what is possible in Encompass LO Connect to help your LOs efficiently drive sales and communicate with borrowers, in addition to originate loans. As a result, we now offer a complete solution to address every need in the loan officer's workflow from sales to close. Our new enhancements to LO Connect were developed with your feedback and needs in mind, so your team can further drive sales opportunities, move more loans forward, and above all, easily, consistently, and automatically communicate with borrowers from anywhere.

The best part? It’s an extension of Encompass®, the industry’s leading LOS that you are already familiar with. What’s more, while your loan officers work from anywhere, the automation we’ve introduced takes care of the busy work for them, enabling them to drive more sales, in less time. Not only is this a faster, easier way to work, but your team will also have the ability to achieve better ROI through increased sales productivity, lower cost of origination, and a quicker time to close. Not to mention, happier customers!

By taking advantage of these new efficiencies, your LOs can now have the freedom to sit back, relax, and enjoy paradise, while our automation does the work. Not only will your current team be happier, but prospective teammates could see this as a major plus too. But don’t just take our word for it, see how Equity Prime Mortgage is using LO Connect to enable their sales teams to drive more business in less time and deliver a better borrower experience in this on-demand session from Experience 2021, Transforming the borrower engagement experience.

A true lender’s paradise is right around the corner. For a deeper dive on how your team can strengthen their borrower communications and accelerate productivity, speak to an expert today.

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