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Embracing innovation: Paving the way forward with Encompass web technology


In the fast-paced world of mortgage lending, adaptability and innovation are essential to staying ahead. We, at Absolute Home Mortgage, are thrilled to have received the prestigious ICE Innovation Award for our pioneering Next Generation technology of Encompass® by ICE Mortgage Technology®. This recognition not only celebrates our achievements, but underscores the importance of seamless transitions, enhanced interfaces and the continuous pursuit of progress in the mortgage industry. 

The transition: Moving to the web version of Encompass

Transitioning from the tried-and-true desktop version to the web version of Encompass posed challenges that required careful consideration and strategic planning. Change is never easy, especially when it involves shifting core systems that underpin our operations. However, we recognized that the advantages of a web-based system far outweighed the initial hurdles. The fact that both versions of Encompass share the same underlying platform made it easier for our admins when it came to configuring things like business rules. 

The solution: Easier interfaces and faster file load time

One of the key benefits of Next Generation Encompass technology lies in its streamlined and user-friendly interface. The transition allowed us to simplify complex processes, making them more intuitive for our staff to get more work done with far fewer clicks. The integration of cutting-edge web technology has not only enhanced our team's productivity but has also significantly reduced the learning curve for new employees. 

Another noteworthy advantage is the faster file load time. In a world where time is of the essence, the ability to access and manipulate files swiftly is paramount. The web version of Encompass has improved our operational efficiency, enabling us to serve our clients more effectively and expedite loan processing and mobile facing interfaces has enhanced our loan originators mobility.  

The results: transforming efficiency and customer experience

The adoption of Next Generation Encompass technology has yielded remarkable results. Our operational efficiency has seen a substantial boost, allowing us to serve our clients with greater speed and accuracy. This, in turn, has improved customer satisfaction and enabled us to maintain our position as a trusted partner in their homeownership journey. 

What's next: A progressive roadmap

While achieving the ICE Innovation Award is a significant milestone, our journey towards innovation is far from over. Our commitment to progress compels us to move our entire business over to the web version of Encompass as our daily system of record. This transition not only ensures the longevity of our systems, but also aligns with the industry's evolution towards web-based technologies. 

Automation of services and task-based workflows

In this digital age, automation is the cornerstone of efficiency. As part of our forward-looking approach, we're focusing on adopting automation for various services and implementing task-based workflows. By replacing manual, time-consuming tasks with automated tasks, we empower our team to focus on strategic decision-making and personalized client interactions. 

The ICE Mortgage Technology Innovation Award underscores our dedication to innovation and excellence. Transitioning to Next Generation Encompass technology was a pivotal moment in our journey, enabling us to create more streamlined processes, improve customer experience, and embrace the transformative power of automation. As we continue down the progressive road map, we're excited to reshape the future of mortgage lending, one innovative step at a time. 

Learn more about Absolute Home Mortgage's automation journey.

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