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Developer Spotlight

The Virtual Experience Top-5: Developer Insights

  •  By Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae has always offered robust developer tools to help lenders customize our solutions for their unique business needs. As part of the Virtual Experience 2020 event, software engineers, developers, and architects were introduced to new Encompass® APIs, along with valuable best practices to get the most out of Encompass technology. An advanced session also focused on how to use JavaScript, Ellie Mae’s Secure Scripting Framework, Web Input Form Builder and the latest customization tools to elevate both loan officer and borrower experiences. Here are five key take-aways from these sessions:

  1. The API impact: Encompass APIs are easy to use, reduce development time, and offer significantly higher performance.
  2. A most reliable network: Encompass Developer Connect™ helps lender technology teams streamline their operations and network with developers from across the Ellie Mae customer base and partner ecosystem.
  3. An expert perspective: Tap into the full potential of Encompass and learn how to manage complex programming concepts such as authentication, concurrency, locking, token renewal, Webhooks, and more.
  4. Loan officers on the move: The advanced customization capabilities of Encompass LO Connect™ allow developers to tailor the solution to help LOs to spend less time at the desk, and more time in the field with realtors and borrowers.
  5. Extended possibilities: Encompass LO Connect’s vast extensions library includes highly-customizable forms, tools, plug-ins and security contexts to match the solution to the way LOs do business.

These points were detailed in the Virtual Experience 2020 sessions, entitled “Building for the Future: The Next Generation of APIs”, “API Best Practices”, and “Personalizing the Loan Officer Experience for Unmatched Efficiency & Effectiveness”.

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