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Developer Spotlight

Terraform in Action: A Book by ICE Mortgage Technology’s Very Own Scott Winkler

  •  By Ellie Mae

At Ellie Mae, our Cloud Automation and DevOps team is leveraging Terraform to enable our developers and help increase their productivity. Our very own Scott Winkler, Software Engineer II at Ellie Mae, is currently writing a book, Terraform in Action, to share insights into how this technology works, best practices for ensuring reliable and repeatable deployments, and tips to unlock the full potential of Terraform.

Terraform is an automation tool created by HashiCorp that enables developers to safely and predictably create, change, and improve network infrastructure. Through its cloud-based resources, Terraform allows users to manage their infrastructure and develop an execution plan to reach a desired state. For example, as a developer makes changes to a configuration that Terraform is managing, the system updates its records automatically to reflect that those changes have been made and creates an incremental execution plan which can be applied. It can be shared among team members, treated as code, edited, reviewed, and versioned.

The first four chapters of the book have been released for early access to the public:

  • Chapter 1: Getting Started with Terraform
  • Chapter 2: Lifecycle of a Terraform Resource
  • Chapter 3: Building a Mad Libs Template Engine
  • Chapter 4: Deploying a Multi-Tiered Web Application in AWS

Scott shared that, “If there is only one thing I want my readers to take away from this book, it is that I want people to realize Terraform is a really fun technology! It’s so customizable, and there’s so much you can do with it. It’s like Legos®. I highly encourage people to play with it and check it out.”

The current release schedule for the rest of the book is:

  • September 2019: Chapters 5-8
  • December 2019: Chapters 9-12
  • March–April 2020: Complete printed book available

If you are a developer or are interested in software development, check out this incredible resource to learn how to manage your infrastructure as easily as you manage your codebase.

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